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Welcome to Tritonhaven.

On this site you can find anything about the Korg Triton series: the classic, LE, Rack, Studio, Extreme etc!

Have fun and don't forget to check out the forum!


Wouldn't it be nice to replace to floppydrive with an USB floppyemulator? You now can! Check out this great tutorial by Ralf Mende here.

Protools 8 excel file to construct midname files by Mathew Feathers:
I created the attached excel workbook to construct midname files to work with ProTools 8 for Triton Rack users.

The excel workbook was made in Excel 2003, but does not use and VB code or macros, hence size.


Installing a compact flashcard (CF) system into your Triton? Check this out:


NEW: Check out our new site: KRONOSHAVEN

New Midi device manager file by Alan Vickers


Alan wrote:
"I spent weeks looking online for the cubase midi device manager file for my Triton Extreme but could not find one. Eventually I gave up and decided I would just have to make it myself, so I did. The file is attached if you want to use it on your website to save some other poor soul from wasting their time. It maps out all of the programs with their names and program numbers and is organised in the instrument type groups found in the keyboard, it even includes all of the midi sounds and the sample bank."

To use open cubase SX, and select; Devices, Midi Device Manager. From the the Midi Device Manager Window select; Import Setup. From the Import Setup window find the downloaded 'Triton Extreme [KORG].xml' file and select open, it will then ask you if you want to import the setup, select ok.

Once the setup is installed you will see it in the midi device manager. If your Triton Extreme is connected to the computer with a midi connection then you should be able to select it from the drop down box on the midi device manager window, this will associate the device manager setup with the Triton extreme. You should now be able to select the program you want from the program dropdown in cubase next to the midi track your working on.

Note: The Triton Extreme Bank Map needs to be set to 'Korg' rather than 'GM2' on the Global settings, system preference tab. And you need to be in program or sequencer mode.

>> Thanks Alan!

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Legacy Collection II
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Legacy Collection
In July 2001, Triton Users were urged to send me atleast one sound per capita, for me to merge into a userpatch called Legacy. I'm proud to present the result of this mutual project!

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