Download two “sets” of .pcg files and “read me” docs. These are the LE88 Preloads, two versions:
LE88Fact.pcg – For Classic and Rack owners
LE88_TS.pcg – For Studio owners (Martin Hines)

Download the Factory Preload.pcg Data Map, which shows which memory locations/banks are occupied by the factory preload data and which are “open” (available for User data). The .pdf document lists all of the Triton models and the Korg Karma. (Martin Hines)

Triton Field Manual

Once upon a time, there was a guy who wondered "can I learn how to program this beast", looking anxiously on the Triton. After several months of practicing, ripping his hair off, and making all sorts of excuses not to leave Triton alone, this guy finally thought he had figured it out. But "why keep this experience to myself", he then thought... If everyone was to be taught the basics in sound-programming this would truly be a world of sounds... So, he managed to start with his next project - TritonFieldManual!! Download here

Download the TRITON Effect Parameter Structure -updated-
the TRITON system exclusive messages specification 
Download the TRITON Effect Parameter Structure (Oct.15.'99) 

Download the TRITON Effectlist in text format
Download the TRITON standard Program and Combi list (Excel) 
Download the TRITON User's Guide
The Triton User's Guide offers additional details and procedures then what is included in the Owner's Manual. 

Download the 1000 TRITON "Basic Guide" (2.36 Mb)
Download the TRITON "Parameter Guide" (3.24 Mb)
Download OS Version 2.0 documentation (689 Kb)
Download OS Version 2.1 documentation (50 Kb)
Download the TRITON RACK basic guide
Download the TRITON RACK parameter guide
Download Information about the RACK version in SPANISH
Download Bedienungsanleitung Triton RACK (German)
Download Referenzhandbuch Triton RACK (German)
Download Easy Start Triton RACK (German)
Download Triton Bedienungshandbuch (German)
Download Triton Referenzhandbuch (German)

Documentation of the Triton in PALM document format 
(Palm Pilot or Visor or compatible hand helds) provided by Bovane at

Triton Basic User Guide for your Palm.

Triton Shortcuts, collected by Jose Abreu

Triton Programs sorted by CATEGORY, done by Vesa

Triton Programs, sorted by CATEGORY, done by Vesa Järvensivu & Henkjan Heming

Triton Le Combi and Programs sorted by everything, done by Jan Huijgers

Download the specs of all the Tritons (so you can compare) by Eelco