Disks & Drivers
Triton Extreme Factory Preload (preload.pcg) download
Triton Studio Factory Preload pcg, download
Bought an early Triton and only got bank A & B filled with sounds??? You also should have bank C & D! Download here the lost programs and combi's disk to get bank C and D: TritonCD
Or you can download the entire bank:
download (thanks Alberto Navarro Colla!)
Demosongs of the Triton Rack (also playable on the Synth) submitted by Yuriy Lyulko, download

The one and only Librarian for the Triton, available here
Made by Vance Gloster, Check it out!!

Is there any way to delete and reset a program, or do you have to make an empty program and save this every time? Well, currently there is no "Initialize Program" feature.

Download an initialized Bank E from here:
InitProg and copy a patch and use it as a blank template program for new sounds.
Korg PC I/F Driver (AG-001B) download
Note: These files are just the disks of the boards, you can download these files in case you lost your own disks or when it's gone bad. You cannot use these pcgs when you don't have the particular board installed!

EXB-MOSS.ZIP Moss Board Expansion