Instrument Files or Special Software files with patterns etc
Protools 8 excel file to construct midname files by Mathew Feathers
I created the attached excel workbook to construct midname files to work with ProTools 8 for Triton Rack users.

The excel workbook was made in Excel 2003, but does not use and VB code or macros, hence size.


Midi device manager file by Alan Vickers
To use open cubase SX, and select; Devices, Midi Device Manager. From the the Midi Device Manager Window select; Import Setup. From the Import Setup window find the downloaded 'Triton Extreme [KORG].xml' file and select open, it will then ask you if you want to import the setup, select ok.

Once the setup is installed you will see it in the midi device manager. If your Triton Extreme is connected to the computer with a midi connection then you should be able to select it from the drop down box on the midi device manager window, this will associate the device manager setup with the Triton extreme. You should now be able to select the program you want from the program dropdown in cubase next to the midi track your working on.

Note: The Triton Extreme Bank Map needs to be set to 'Korg' rather than 'GM2' on the Global settings, system preference tab. And you need to be in program or sequencer mode.


INS file for Triton studio used with Cakewalk Sonar
With Provisions for the EXB-PCM05 and EXB-PCM06/07 (banks EXT-E and EXT-F/G respectively) add-in boards, and all of their programs as well as for the piano sounds that are included in the ROM of the Studio (on bank EXT-D) that are part of the EXB-PCM08 board for non-Studios. It is also set up for the Triton to use the GM2 method of program change (as opposed to Korg).by Mike O. download
Instument file for Cakewalk of the Triton Studio, submitted by Henry!, download
Define instrument Triton Le for Sonar/Cakewalk
By Gianni Raschiatore from ROME, download
cakewalk-triton-dump-request-macros for cakewalk done by void.
To actually use this, the information from the file should be put into "cakewalk.ini". download

I've created one big Ins file for all Triton models (Regular Workstation, Rack and Le). It contains factory preload Programs and Combinations. All 7 EXB-PCM boards have been inserted, so has EXB-MOSS, and maybe 10 User written Program and/or Combination Banks. GM Bank and 9 variation Banks have been added too. download
Cakewalk Instrument Definition File for pcg's of Mastermalleus submitted by Vesa Järvensivu. Banks included:
Rose, Rose III, Rose IV, Rose Acoustica, Legacy, Download
"I have done a script that let you choose sounds like the way you do on the Triton. In Cubase VST the sounds are showed in categories insted of banks. Makes it much faster to find the sound..." by Ola Stromberg Download (updated on 24-07-2001)
"Due to the low response of my question last year concerning the availability of the Triton-Drumpatterns within Cubase, I spent some time and recorded all 150 Pattern into Cubase. BUT it is Version 3.1 on Atari and not tested with other versions. I would like to share these files with other users (if they are really wanted ??)  All .ARR and .MID Files are attached in the zip-file, also a .DRM file with the Triton Drum-Map." by Peter Paschke
Here is a file that enables one to view all the factory presets of Triton on VST screen. There are 4 factory banks, GM banks and Keyboard expansion as bank E. It's very easy to modify this file to fit your own setup Download
1st. Save the text file as "korg triton AW.txt"
2nd. Throw that file into C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Cubase VST
5.0/Scripts/Patchnames/inactive folder.
3rd. Go to Cubase documentation on how to set up an "Instrument". It's in
the "Getting into details" pdf manual under name "Instruments". 
-Note that you need Cubase 5.0 and not the earlier version to use that file. 

Andrew Warzocha
Cakewalk Instrument Definition (.ins) file for the triton.
Contains all triton controller names and is usable with
any combination of the four pcm addons in any slot
combination, just select the right one. This is version 2.00
updated at 2000-04-06 send comments to pluto2@hehe.com
Cakewalk Instrument File (.inf) for the Korg Triton
provided by Jimi JonesHttp://jimijones.iuma.com

This is the Cakewalk Instrument .ins file set up as follows:

Bank A-B = Factory Settings
Bank C = Classic Keyboards (supplemental board)
Bank D = Studio Essentials (supplemental board)
Bank F+EXB-MOSS (supplemental board)

If anyone is using any of the three supplemental boards, these cakewalk .ins files will work with them. The file is called TritonMoss.ins.

Kenneth J. Smith

Triton Logic environment
It includes the factory program banks, plus a 16 chan control mixer.
This is a Cakewalk .ins file mapping Trition Combis patches download
file name: TritonCombis.ins, Website: www.smithmedia.com, e-mail: Ken@smithmedia.com
Korg Triton Extreme voice list Excel File, download (by Terry Wall)


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