PCG files (Free)
Leslie sim program, controlled by foot switch,Prog D00 CH&Leslie Sim
Jason M Blann, download

"TriTonton V4" PCG, featuring some programs, combis and
arpeggios done by "Tri-Tonton"
Pcg with a simulation of Kurzweil Monster Lead (used by Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater) with the Moss by Lorenzo, goto 126(F) download
Spooky PCG file for the Triton sent in by Orion Carter, download
'Classic Light Studio', an alternative preload disk for classic TRITON.

It combines the preload disks for TRITON Le and TRITON STUDIO, and fits classic TRITON like a glove ! download
Prophecy Conversions volume 1 for those equipped with MOSS
see HTML file inside zip for credits! download

Since TRITON Le isn't GM2 compatible, I extracted the extra 128 GM2 Programs from TRITON OS 2.1.1.  File is saved for use with TRITON (but both KARMA and
Le can convert classic TRITON PCG)  Default bank destination is Program Bank D
4 Piano's presets, created using the samples of the Triton, created by Carsten Altena (AKA Apeir0n), download
Triton LE Preset disk, Also loadable in your classic Trit 1000 on!!! download
An entire bank with vocoder sounds! done by Pecca, download
A new piano-oriented Triton sound bank: NewTriPianos by Robert Tiess, check out website
Karma Combination Banks for Triton - MJG enhancement v2.0 (Marc J Goodman), download
Roman Rust has worked on getting Karma sounds on the Triton
-voice of Karma, download (combi: D127)
If you would like to see/hear more of Karma, request can be send to Roman
Richard Rose aka Mastermalleus has made free pcg files for the Triton!
COLORLEGACY1.jpg (84820 bytes) In July 2001, TritonUsers were urged to send Richard Rose (aka Mastermalleus) at least one sound per capita, for him to merge into a userpatch called Legacy. He proudly presents the result of this mutual project! Download free pcg files for your Triton here!
The tradition continues! Here is for all of you: Legacy II!!! Download here
Legacy III, do we need to say more?
Download it now

Rose Acoustica  
The Third Party developed soundpatch for Triton! Download here

Dance oriented soundbank (done by Thand and Masterma 1000 lleus!!!) Download here
Sampling done by Thand and PCG by Mastermalleus.

COMBIbank from Mastermalleus! Download here

MOSS Sounds
I have collected some MOSS-sounds for the Triton, which originally comes from Korg Z1 Download here

Itīs a little Ebank with a total of 127 new sounds made by me. I hope youīll find something thatīs interesting and playable!
Download here (rose.zip)

RoseII - The Third Party developed soundpatch for Triton!
by Mastermalleus Download here (rose2.zip)

Rose III - A new collection of sounds in the category: Slow/Fast/Motionssynths
download here

RoseIV.jpg (88808 bytes) Rose IV

The Slow/Fast/Motionsynths of RoseIII got highly appreciated, not only by me but from other Triton-owners, so I did some more... download here 
Rose V

So... Itīs time again... This time Iīm proud to present ROSEV.pcg, an all-time favourite of mine...download here

The Third Party developed soundpatch for MOSSTriton! Download here

For Intrument definitions for these pcg's, check out the instrument def section!!!

Moose II !!!

The Third Party developed soundpatch for MOSSTriton! Download here
 PCG files (Commercial)

Motion 7
- Program banks for the korg Triton series instruments - website here.

New Triton sounds from PRO-REC

Our new Triton and Triton MOSS sounds are NOW HERE! With 128 all-new patches, and 128 combinations, the sounds are great. We have four banks for the Triton, and three banks for the Triton MOSS. We can email them right to you, today!

Titles for the Triton: Dance, Techno/Synth, New Age, and Film 4-D Titles for use with the Triton MOSS Expander: Dance, Techno, and New Age Prices: Each disk: $44.90; Get all 4 Triton disks for just $119!; Get all 3 Triton MOSS disks for just $99!; Special: get all 7 disks for just $199!  Each disk has 128 all-new patches, and 128 combinations. The Dance and Techno/Synth disks have one new drum kit each.

You can check out the sounds at www.pro-rec.com/triton.html, where we have complete patch listings and a free demo. You can also order on the site or by calling us at (805) 705-3217 or emailing us at sales@pro-rec.com. We can even send you the sounds by EMAIL, saving time and money!

Our site, www.pro-rec.com, also has information on our wide-ranging line of TOP RATED sounds for almost ALL synths and samplers. Pro-Rec has been the #1 maker of synth sounds in the world for over ten years, have been top rated in "Keyboard" & most industry magazines


Featuring new Korg Triton pcgs and Korg Trinity pcgs, including free demo pcgs for the Korg Triton.


New release from KID NEPRO SOUNDS

Triton Vol #10 - Nepro Super Mix - 128 programs/64 combis $25.

Nepro Super Mix is the "Best Of Our Best" Triton sounds. KID NEPRO has taken the best 128 programs from their first six volumes and assembled them into one "Super Program Bank". It's a mixed bag of sounds including Classic Synths, Soundtrack/Film, Techno/Dance, Killer Keyboards, Acoustic  Sounds and Hip Hop/R&B programs.

Kid Nepro then took these best of 128 programs and created a "brand new  super bank" of 64 combis. The 1000 se combis are "NOT" included on any of the other Triton collections. Combis include lot's of new Rhythm patterns and Drum Loops using the Triton's dual arpeggiators as well as new sustained layered and split sounds. Kid Nepro's years of experience in programming Triton sounds really shows in the high quality mix of sounds in this collection.

* No expansion boards are needed to use this soundbank.

Kid Nepro is now offering special bundle package deals on all our Triton sounds. If you have already purchased one of our bundle packages (six or more volumes) then you can now get Vol #10 for only $15. Please mention our special offer with your order.

Complete info, MP3 demo and secure online ordering can be found at:


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