SNG files

NOTE: loading these files could change your programs, combi's, drumkit and global data, you possibly will need to reload your factorypresetdisks after listening to these files.

A song by Nash Milincic, for the Triton Studio: download here
New songs: jazzy,sng and rockysty.sng

Dwight Goodman created these tracks:
download 1

download 2

Peter Johnson [for the Extreme] New
Soundtracks from the cult science-fiction movie 'The Omega Man'
download 1

download 2

download 3

New song since 03-06-2005: From the movie Soylent Green. This is the opening theme, by Fred Myrow.

Another song from 28-12-2005:
the soundtrack to the sci-fi movie 'Iceman', from the early '80s,

Paul Francois
Here is a little jam along file I made based on the violin concerto sequence from the red violin movie. Mute and replace the instrument on track 5 to jam along.

Razza Elektronika
Trancesong called Mar, download

Korg Triton LE demosongs
download submitted by Jan Huijgers

Roger Oliveira
"Due the last happenings in USA (WTC) I was thinking about that all, and compose a music for our reflection"
love can save us, download

Debashish Upadhyay aka Oru
Eternal Joy, download (also pcg file included!)

Biaoky from Singapore
A hip-hop loop,  download

Gonzalo Marsilli from Argentina
Ringo 2005, download equipment used: Triton pro, a cheap Strat guitar and a very very 1000 cheap(surely the cheapest) mic. comments to gsmarsilli@yahoo.com.ar
-2 songs: Ocean and Coral Platense (expansion board 2 is required) download
-song: Sailing the Jupiter's eye, download

Mark Thistletwaite
Brand New Day download give Mark feedback

Jon Hemingway
"an 8 bar (loop play) sequence (Mod_fx.sng) using an expression pedal to control the sweep of effect #22 St Env Flanger. The resolution was set to a 16th note" download

Jose Acosta
House This! download (and midiformat)

Thomas Gutjahr
Midnight, download

Richard Rose aka Mastermalleus
My Aura download, read the textfile in zip

Roger Oliveira 
(Roger@cpb.com.br) made this song with the Triton download
"It's not my composition, but is my first on this machine. This music is a hymn and is a traditional melody from Ireland. It was made using a ready to use combination (channel 1-8), plus some instruments."

"If you had my love by Jennifer Lopez" download
I converted a smf to a song file and used simply the sounds of the Triton, just a little tweaking =)

Alberto Marín (from Spain) composed this demosong

Mary Van Hellemond

Three songs, one is a cover, name unknown, the other two   are original compositions "Mountain Monster" and "Falling In Love" download

Jorgen Frejso
"I Remember You" by Jorgen Frejso 
"Nothing else matters" by Metallica

A Song

Henry Jacobs Jr
- Merry X-mas song
1000 - just me messing around with the piano upgrade (C000)
- easy and fast to put together with the triton (Partners)
- partners II
(requires like 'Partners' the piano expansion board!)
- Allot of people complain about the A001 piano. I think the patch has allot of potential. Here's a solo sequence with  
   unchanged effect from A001. download
- smoovjam (ts)
- sammysong (ts)
- latindime (ts)

Yair Cohen
bass & drums house

Eleazar Herrera G. [eleazzar@hotmail.com]
"Oye como va" and "Caballo de la Sabana", these are very popular songs among latin people who dance.

Phil "Big Daddy"

4 great songs by Joakim Svärling
"Your smile"
"Forever Gone"
"Second Strike"
download zipfile

Charlie Maas
tu es foutu by In-Grid
You're my Angel (and lyrics)
Feel the beat
Roland XP to Korg (loops)
Realthing (read textfile)

Armand Segers aka Eclipse
Afrikaan Beat (Reggae Muffin' Mix)

Lars-Erik Brusehed
My name is Lars-Erik Brusehed from Sweden and i need help to complete my song.
Let people download my song. Anyone can send a new complete version of my song to: lars-erik.brusehed@telia.com
 and ofcourse to webmaster@tritonhaven.com


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