Triton Drum Patterns for Logic Audio 3.5 provided by James Townsley
Patchlist Manager File For MOTU provided by Greig Hutchens
Triton Patchlist for OMS (mac) by Francisco Roldan
2 Triton Wallpapers
by Darío Kondratiuk, Argentina
Luvly Triton Wallpaper by /Jocke
Triton Wallpaper
(800*600) by Isaac SLAMA, Paris (France)
Triton Wallpaper by Bovane of hairart.com
Triton Wallpaper by Kristof Nuyttens

Triton Wallpaper: Virtual Babe by Sharp
Triton Wallpaper 1 by Glyn R Brown
Triton Wallpaper 2 by Glyn R Brown
Here is a Sony Ericsson K750i theme made by Greg Tuby,

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