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Since there are not so many websites at the moment completely dedicated to the Korg Triton, I thought: "Well, OK I'll do it myself!" So, I hope you guys and girls help me with finding stuff, articles, faqs, sounds, sequences for this incredible machine and send those things to me. Of course, you'll get all the credits!  This website will always be under construction, because I hope that you all send me enough to keep this site up-to-date!!

Well, enjoy your stay here. -Angelo

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(taken from Korg Triton website Germany)

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Rob(A.K.A. Lunatique) wrote:
When my girlfriend found out we Triton owners refer to our honey as "The Silver Beast," she came up with a great idea.

"How about I pose with your silver beast, and you can take some 'Beauty and the Beast' pictures?

Well! How could I say no?


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Users on our Mailinglist / Forum:

Paul Duffey
Aureo Galli
Stephan Vandenborn (aka Cosmicdreamer)
ESMV of Michigan  
Nick Perkin
/ his website / another gig
Jasper Lekkerkerk (20 yrs) studio in Amersfoort, NL
Marc van den Hurk, Owner of a music production studio in the Netherlands
Diran Tavitjan (Garo & Paramecium group) from Macedonia 2 3
Rakshit Kapoor from India
Yuriy Lyulko
Niraj Shah
Robin Breslin
Auroma (-DJ & MUSICIAN-)
Fred Rodrigues

Benedict Stefan 2 3
Toan Batista Mejia
David Z
Oren and his band the Cubes
Paul Bentley
Francesco Carboni 2 3
Dilantha 2
Olav Naayer
Urh Kocevar (Korg TR88)
Gripping Beast
Costin Caraulan

Joe Satriani and TRITON (prov. by David Palermo)
Keith Hillebrandt, sounddesigner Nine Inch Nails
Link to website: Trent Reznor/NIN, website
David Paich from Toto, pic (source: www.toto99.com)
Derek Sherinian on his Triton Pro-X during a show with Planet X
"zauberwaldcrew" doing liveacts in german clubs
pic 1 & pic 2
Grand funk railroad Triton Pics

Leaning Girl with Triton Paul Duffey
Conceptual Paul Duffey
A Black Triton! (marc)
Ablaze Triton Arbi

"I fancied up a photo of my Triton in photoshop" by Chris

Pics of the Triton:
Triton Pro
Triton Pro X
Triton Pro X
Triton Big

Triton Brochure
Triton Touchscreen
Triton 3 times
Triton workroom by Marek Strbacka, Czech Republic
A picture of a Triton Pro at a home studio in The Netherlands
Triton in a musicproductionstudio in The Netherlands pic 1 pic 2
Triton in studio of  SURENDER BHARDWAJ
Triton of Yair Cohen from Israel
Triton Tone
Triton with Gypsy, recording "celestial voyager"
Triton of Saleel Kulkarni, pic 2
Triton of Tony from New Rochelle, NY, 2
Triton of Tim Young
Triton of Andrés Núñez Rubiano
Triton of Mark Walters 2 3 4 5
Triton of Wayne Young
Triton of Dopy
Triton of Mark with Spot the Bearded Dragon 2
Triton of Gilbert betLatchin 2
Triton of JT walters
Triton of Greig Hutchens 2
Triton of LabRatMusic, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2
Triton of Evan, 2

Triton Studio
Triton Studio of the Korg.com website

Triton LE

Triton Le submitted by Jeff Woertz
Triton Le submitted by Guillaume, 2

Triton Le sumbitted by juan pizarro
Triton Le submitted by hud
Triton Rack
Rack of Steve Jarrett
XVP-10 EXP VOL Pedal
EXP-2 Foot Controller
DS-1H Damper Pedal
PS-1 Pedal Switch

The Expansionbay
Moss Board
SCSI Board

Karma wallpaper

(please do not send anymore pics of your Triton
unless they are exceptional,
we get too much pics instead of pcg's thanks ;) )