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Since there are not so many websites at the moment completely dedicated to the Korg Triton, I thought well ok let's do it myself! So i hope you guys and girls help me with finding stuff, articles, faqs, sounds, sequences for this incredible machine and send those things to me. Ofcourse you'll get all the credits!  This website will always be under construction, because i hope that you all send me enough to keep this site up-to-date!!
Well, enjoy your stay here.

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Connecting your Triton to your PC sound card by DannyB1. 

Assuming you have a standard sound card (without digital interface) you could use a normal Y cable - two PL plugs on one side (to the triton) and one earphone plug to go to your line in in your PC - I've tried that, it's fine

2. Assuming you have digital interface on your sound card, you'd need something in between your triton and PC - any device that would do analog to digital conversion. Then you would get two cables, PL plug to PL plug, and connect your triton to the analog IN in your ADC and another cable to connect your digital OUT on your ADC to your digital IN on your sound card.

I am using midiman's Flying Cow ADC/DAC and an SB Live retail so I am using the S/PDIF connection between the two. You can get those cables (and ADC devices) at any decent music store. Hope this helps a little, ://DannyB