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Since there are not so many websites at the moment completely dedicated to the Korg Triton, I thought: "Well, OK I'll do it myself!" So, I hope you guys and girls help me with finding stuff, articles, faqs, sounds, sequences for this incredible machine and send those things to me. Of course, you'll get all the credits!  This website will always be under construction, because I hope that you all send me enough to keep this site up-to-date!!

Well, enjoy your stay here. -Angelo

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Tutorials overview:

Tutorial Author / Sent in View
Triton, Triton Pro, Triton ProX “Easy Start Guide”: korg.com click
Triton-Rack “Easy Start Guide” korg.com click
Triton Studio “Easy Start Guide”: korg.com click
Synth programming Tutorial Master click
Opening the Triton (at your own risk!) Daebrius click
live drummer play to a sequence Paul Duffey click
add a mega delay to a vocalis Paul Duffey click
openening the Triton Paul Duffey click
sample vocal portions set to a sequence Paul Duffey click
..instant Whah! Paul Duffey click
Connecting your Triton to your PC sound card DannyB click
Using combinations in a sequence John Lemkuhl click
Expand combinations memory by abusing seq Joerg Winkler click
How To Fix a Bad Power Connection on a ProX Joel Banyai click (word doc)

If anyone has more tips and (self-made) tutorials to share, please send it to me
(webmaster@tritonhaven.com) and I'll put it on here.

And ofcourse, check out the forum for more information about 'how to'!