You can have an extra of 200 Combinations on your Triton (ab)using
the SEQ. Just make sure you're in the SEQ-Mode and use the "Get
from Combi" comand in the function menu on the first page to copy
all parameters (inculding FXs) of a combination into tracks 1-8 (or 9-
16) of a song.
If you now cross-check the audible outcome (by switching between
SEQ and COMBI mode), play on your keyboard, you will not find any
difference between the combination and the song. All programms,
split-zones, layers, arpeggios, FXs, are identical!
For one combination you may use one song. Triton can handle 200
songs (i.e. 200 extra combinations).
ATTENTION: SEQ memory is volatile, so don't forget to save SEQ- data to disk.