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Assigning combi's to sequencer by John Lehmkuhl

> Had a friend over last night who's been doing professional music and
> sequencing for years and years... done stuff with everyone from Boney James
> to Snoop Dog.

> He looked at my Triton last night and found it odd that, when sequencing, I
> can't assign an entire combination to a single track - that I need multiple
> tracks to assign the sounds, etc., from a combination. I told him I had no
> idea how to do otherwise.

> *Can* I do otherwise? I'd really love to generate a sequence with multiple
> combinations.

A Triton Combination is up to 8 programs in size. You can copy 2
combinations into your current song (use the upper Right tab and select the
"Copy from Combi" option). If you do this realize that it will take tracks
1-8 or 9-16 and set them up EXACTLY like the combination you are copying
into your song. If the actual combination only used 5 programs, then the
other 3 programs are:

a) Set to Off
b) Set to MIDI channel 1
c) any other Bizzare parameters that were set will be copied as well.

You can GET those 3 tracks back by setting each of the tracks:

a) to ON
b) To the same MIDI channel as the track number (to be smart and safe).

If the above combination was one of the cool groove type combinations we
made, you can also assign some of the above parts to different MIDI channels
(you'll need to look at the note zones (Menu +4) to make set it to span the
whole keyboard so that you can access everything that that program has.

The above is especially cool to help you get started writing a song really
quickly (copying a rhythmic Combination and splitting it up on different
channels) and easily.

I don't think that your professional friend knew the difference between a
Program and a Combination.

John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl
Real-Kuhl Productions
Real-Kuhl WORLD: www.realkuhl.com