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Since there are not so many websites at the moment completely dedicated to the Korg Triton, I thought well ok let's do it myself! So i hope you guys and girls help me with finding stuff, articles, faqs, sounds, sequences for this incredible machine and send those things to me. Ofcourse you'll get all the credits!  This website will always be under construction, because i hope that you all send me enough to keep this site up-to-date!!
Well, enjoy your stay here.

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Opened Triton pictures by Daebrius:
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Im sending pictures of a Triton Pro, which was opened for cleaning and believe it, there was a lot of dust in there. The pictures show the whole triton and its electronics.

Of course i do not recommend or encourage the opening of the Triton for obvious reasons such as your warranty void, risk of damaging your Triton due to improper handling or touching parts you should not touch.

Anyway, for those brave and curious triton owners, here is how.

1. Take out all screws from the back of your Triton. (Back means after turning the triton upside down, not the rear panel where the audio outputs are). Take out also the MOSS and SIMM memory modules covers.

2. Now gently pull up the cover and slide it until you can completely remove it.

Do not touch the integrated circuits with your fingers, as you might fry 
them. Now you can use compressed air in order to blow all the dust, and clean well the triton keys.

Then close it, and put all the screws in its place. All screws are the same size, except for 4 which are smaller and are for the floppy drive, you should begin puting those screws. Tighten the screws reasonably, not too strong and not too loose.

I wont be responsible for anything stupid you do, if you decide to open your triton its your problem. So, if you dont know what you are doing, dont do it, is that simple!.

Well the pictures speak for themselves, hope you like them!!!

Thanks Angelo
Best regards to all Triton users worldwide