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Since there are not so many websites at the moment completely dedicated to the Korg Triton, I thought well ok let's do it myself! So i hope you guys and girls help me with finding stuff, articles, faqs, sounds, sequences for this incredible machine and send those things to me. Ofcourse you'll get all the credits!  This website will always be under construction, because i hope that you all send me enough to keep this site up-to-date!!
Well, enjoy your stay here.

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openening the Triton! by Paul Duffey
yeah, i've actually poped open the triton, I mean the whole case,. not just the access panel,...theres not alot of room to messaround, I would highly recomend not doing so unless your experienced at taking apart keyboards,..you dont wanna be forcing something back and them pop off some plactic bracket or something like that. The first thing I did when I took it apart was disconected the ide cable to the 3.5 and the OS powered up as normal. mounting diffent boards in the pcm bay is easy as long as you dont have the Moss board. I think the internal zip is worth while only if your a giging musician. I lug my board back and forth from the studio about 3 times a week, and then about once a month for shows,...so it kinda would be worth it to have an internal. Another thing that kinda bothers me is that I have one of those apex ultimate stands which has a single support in the middle(no shit, right where the scsi port is), so when I place the trion on the stand I have to stager it over about 3 inches.